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Help you & your child understand moods!

By giving your child a way to communicate their feelings, you can give them positive ways to express them! Save you and your children the frustration of a tantrum.


What Mood are you? Sad?

Exercise, talk with an adult, draw pictures, listen to music, make a silly face, write about it

What People Are Saying

As the mother of a child with delayed speech development, the My Moods, My Choices flipbook has been invaluable in preventing numerous tantrums and parental frustrations by allowing my son to identify and communicate his feelings through pictures.  He loves the cartoon characters, and I love the suggestions for activities that help to keep both of us happy.  I would highly recommend this product!

Sara Janos, MD

My daughter loves the My Moods My Choices flip chart! It has helped her to be more in touch with how she is feeling and make better choices. The characters have become her friends! I would recommend this flip chart to anyone with kids!

Mary Shannon

Love this flipbook. I think that this helps every parent or teacher dealing with a special needs child or child with emotional issues. It is actually the first product I have found that is a visual aid for the child to refer to with pictures and suggestions on how to cope with different situations. This is a high quality easy to use flipbook made to last for years to come.

Franklin C.